Friday, October 18, 2013

Kickin' back a cocktail and looking for ideas...

Seriously, since I've joined the post a day blog challenge I've had a ton of fun. Made me think a lot about my blogs and what I can do differently with them.  Today's challenge was to ask our readers what they would like to see from us.  o_O

I can look at stats and tell you French food, at least the simpler homie stuff I do is the most popular based on hits and traffic generated.  A close second is sourdough.  I explore so many ideas and styles based on what interests me at the moment, so picking one isn't an option.  I'm really not into doing just one cuisine or style as its not how I live and cook.  Its L.A and the world is literally at my doorstep so why limit myself?

It really comes down to what's fresh, what's in season and who I fell asleep through on FoodNetwork and picked up ideas by osmosis for most recipe and blog post ideas.  What I eat really shows up on this blog.  I do a lot of repeats hence the dry spells, but repeats are family favorites that already have been blogged here.

I purposely use my cell phone cameras for my blog posts. They have an informality that describes me and my food as well as my general philosophy of entertaining my friends.  The goal here long term is to take these posts and make a "Blogger's Cookbook" with a focus on the stupid easy cookery that is a theme throughout this blog.  Should I do it?

In rounding out my blog what else should I do for you that makes it a better blog for you to visit? I'm all ears and always open to new ideas.

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