Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carrot Cake the teaser

I told you a few months back I'd find my old friend  Dee Dallaire from Phoenix carrot cake recipe.Dee was the manager of Diamond's Park Central Housewares department back when I lived there in the mid-ish 80s.  I was working retail and knew that the housewares managers always had the best food and recipes and listened to what they had to share.  I did find it and its as marvelous as I remembered, moist, hint of spice and nary a freaking raisin to be found in the thing.  Nor coconut.  This recipe does have pineapple which just adds to the moistness and adds just the right tang to make it better than average.  I mean, what good is a blog if you don't share what's better than average.

Its been a long day chasing my grandson. Yes, I found time to bake a cake from scratch and enjoy a slice with dinner.  I'm beat.  Tomorrow the full recipe will be up.

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