Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For Meatless Monday...Crispy Tofu Bibimbap with mustard greens and zucchini

OK, I've had the read deal Korean Bibimbap years ago at a spot in Glendale the specialized in Korean food. It was really yummy.  Food and Wine magazine ran this recipe in the August Issue for a vegan version. What makes it vegan?  Simple substitution of tofu for the beef and omitting the fried egg on top.  The F&W recipe HERE.

This version I saw and knew I would like.  I did have to substitute the kecap manis, a sweetened soy sauce with a mix of 2 parts soy and 1 part molasses.  Somethings are hard to find, even here in the San Gabriel Valley of L.A., the indisputed Asian capital of the city.  Bummer.  At least the good folks at Food and Wine offered up that substitution or I would have been lost.

The main thing is to do all of your mis en place of the veggies PRIOR to starting the rice.  It all takes about as long to cook in sequence as the rice does from scratch.

They recommended also using Sriracha if you can't find the Korean chili paste.  I used it as I had it on hand, I've got a cast iron tummy, but the recommended amount makes for way to much heat in the dish.  Cut it to a few drops here and there and it will be much more manageable.

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