Sunday, December 2, 2007

Welcome to my Food indulgences

So here we go. Yet another spot on the web where I'll blather about. Yap a bit, share a bit of what I find in my meanders. I'll even share some of the vast amounts of trivia clogging up the various lobes to entertain. I may even toss up a recipe or two.

How did I come about the idea of doing a blog dedicated to food, more specifically the food I like to eat? Anyone who knows me that I have been taking quick pics of food and blogging with the trusty Che-ez Snap, camera phone or even my real cameras and blogging about it for years on Textamerica (it died yesterday so all those are gone), on Flickr and then more recently on

Last night I was at a Christmas Party down at the Anaheim Marriott. On our plates were a variety of simple boiled baby potatoes. Every one was asking...what is that purple turd looking thing. I knew the answer "Peruvian Purple Potato". How did I know that was the most common question. "I it by osmosis napping with Food TV on." My better half looked at need to be a writer with all the stuff you know. Don't know about being a writer but I replied sure, I start a food blog as if I don't have enough to do already.

I've liked to cook since I was a little kid. My mother is a good cook. My grandmothers were good as well. All of them let me in the kitchen as a really little kid to help. As I got older "Men's Contemporary Living" in high school was my only formal education in the kitchen.

I can even remember as a kid my Mom getting for Christmas Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and reading it. Yes, I was a strange kid but I was lucky to have parents that encouraged me to follow whatever interested me. Only a few years ago I got my own copy and cooked my way through during the course of one year. I got more ideas on technique and pairing there than likely any other source I came about.

There you go a simple question made me realize that all those hits on my various photoblogs and elsewhere I could just do a blog about food. This won't be about being the expert on food. But it will share what I cook and eat. Bon Apetit or as we said in the Ozarks..."good food, good grief let's eat".

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