Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Salmon "Cheriyaki"

Before you get too excited there is in fact salmon prepared two ways in that pan.

The first was tonight's meal. Salmon "cheriyaki" served with simple rice and green beans. The other is simple grilled with "Montreal steak seasoning" for use another night as "salmon cakes".

Anyway the "Cheriyaki" I got the idea from who knows where. I remember somewhere along the line having an asian grilled meat with a cherry barbecue sauce that was pretty tasty. After a little tasting I came up with my own version similar to what I was looking for and just as tasty.

It is a subtle, mellow style sauce that is tasty with a strong fish like Salmon, or even Chicken and Pork.

Cheriyaki Sauce and Marinade

1 c cherry jelly, not preserves*
1 c teriyaki sauce
1 T rice vinegar
1 t Chinese 5 spice

Heat Jelly about 1 minute in microwave. Add Teriyaki sauce, vinegar and Chinese 5 Spice, stir until smooth.

*If using preserves heat and pour through strainer to remove the fruit pieces.

As a marinade brush on and let it set 5- 10 minutes before grilling or baking in the oven. If using as a sauce brush on the last 5 minutes of cooking and allow it to thicken and brown.

Tonight I used it as a marinade and grilled it off on a grill pan. I was given the Calphalon One infused nonstick grill pan a few years ago. It is one of the few non-stick surfaces that allow you to get your pan screaming hot without fear of damaging the surface. I highly recommend it as it gives perfect grill marks and caramelization and still is an easy wet cloth to clean up when done.

That was some good eats...stay tuned for the next bit with the left over salmon steaks in the next day or so.

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