Monday, August 26, 2013

Thai Eggplant and the curry that wasn't

Thai eggplant.  I highly recommend you run from it.  About the size of a golfball to a small tennis ball they look innocuous.  They aren't. They are full of a bajillion sharp pointy edged  seeds rendering it nearly inedible.

Actually tonights dinner sounded like a total win for Meatless Monday.  It was a Thai Vegetable Curry.  The recipe I found lacked salt elements.  The coconut milk was too sweet and there wasn't enough heat from the chilis I tossed in to offset it.  The fish sauce did its job but it was still bland.  The curry wasn't curry enough.  Blah....3 bites and we tossed it out and dug out the cold fried chicken from the night before.  Just goes to prove the final product isn't always as good as the recipe sounds.

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