Monday, February 13, 2012

Bleu Cheese Souffle

You will need to get your own copy of "French Classics Made Easy" for the recipe.  It is just a little labor intensive but the book does break it down into simple easy to follow steps.  (I just *can't* violate copyright laws).

I can give you a spoiler about their souffle helps and hints.  Unlike the traditional variations author Richard Grausman introduces tiny, as in tablespoon amounts of starch like good old all purpose flour to stabilize the base mixture so your souffle can't fail.  It works.  I'll admit I was just a little apprehensive about attempting a souffle after years of cartoons and sitcoms showing it failing to rise, or over rising and falling immediately.  Takin' the cue from the dessert folks that little bit of starch takes the error factor away.

Invest in a decent kitchen scale will help with his recipes as well.  In true foody fashion a lot of measurements are by weight in this cookbook rather than dry measure.  Its a result of taking metric recipes and keeping them accurate to how the original was done.  I picked my scale up at a restaurant supply store for under $50 on sale...its an electric digital read out which supposedly is more accurate.  Still $50 isn't bad.

We served this souffle up with a salad of romaine, bears and bleu cheese in a light balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  Add in the bottle of wine to go with it and it was a right tasty romantic dinner.

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