Friday, August 14, 2009

Parchement Paper: who'da thunk it was a miracle product

Being the frugal type (cheap) I always figured why bother with parchment paper when it was called for in a recipe. I used non-stick bake ware and thought that would be enough. I was usually wrong.

Then one afternoon of baking shows on FoodTV I saw them repeatedly using parchment paper on cookie sheets when making cookies, lining cake pans for cakes, loaf pans for loafy things. You get the picture, it went everywhere.

I broke down and gave it a try. First with cookies. It helped them bake more completely and added boner in the process is there was no burned bits to scour off the cookie sheet. Win. Then I started cutting rounds, a pain in the butt, and line the bottom of my non-stick pans. Guess what. Another win. The bottom came off clean AND no burned bits on the bottom.

I swear by the stuff. I buy large rolls to keep cost down and voila half my clean up is solved not to mention better baking results.

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