Sunday, July 12, 2009

flavored salt...great way to experiment

A friend passed this along yesterday. "Atlantic Seaweed Salt" and it smells wonderful...the very essence of the sea distilled into the salt itself. Of course I see uses for it beyond just seafood, but that is where I shall start.
This isn't the only flavored salt in the pantry. Am working on some recipes with a "Rosebud Sea Salt" that has the perfume of tiny roses infused into it. I see desserts, possibly a fruity fudge variation for that one. Some sort of chicken in white wine for another. Anyone have other ideas to use it for?
My snark for the moment...has anyone heard of "seaweed" farming that isn't organic by its very nature? Is anyone else even a bit annoyed with "organic" being added to everything and then being a charged a premium for not adding something? Having had grand-parents who were farmers, or had large gardens they were all about organic and that was more years ago than I CARE to admit. Suffice it to say it was long before "organic" became a fad then a staple for healthy living. For them it was a big batch of fresh poo to feed in the spring, then a little bug picking to get the crops to produce a healthy bounty at the end of the summer.

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